A new intuitive and concise user interface to control your Sonos system

Finally there is an improved controller App for Sonos available on your iPhone or iPod Touch!
Available on the AppStore

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  • a new intuitive and concise user interface
  • less taps for common tasks
  • home automation integration
  • and current limitions (don’t skip them 😉 )

A new intuitiv and concise user interface

SonoPhone is designed to leverage the latest iOS7 design principles:

  • Tap or drag the player on the top and you’ll find the players view to select a new player and with volume controls for all players. From here you can also enter Zone Management, where you can group and ungroup players with drag and drop.
  • Tap or drag the Track infos on the bottom and you’ll be at the big covers screen
  • Drag the main menu from any place to the left or right to have instant access to playlist or shortcuts
  • volume + progress popups: when changing volume or progress of a song, you get popups telling you the actual values. Stop guessing your desired values today!

Less taps for common tasks

SonoPad tries to optimize most often used tasks to have the least taps needed. In the end you are able to navigate and control your players much more fluently.

  • Touch To Play: are you sick of always beeing asked what to do when you tap a track or album? SonoPhone defaults to just starting an album or song. A long press still gives you access to all options – you can also change the tap default in the settings menu. Want to build a playlist fast? Just set the default to ‘always add to end’ and off you go …
    [more link=”http://sonophone.de/tap-to-play/” target=”_self” align=”left”]Read More …[/more]
  • tap an album cover image and the whole album starts to play immediately
  • aggregated search: search results are collapsed into one view, so you see immediately in what category you have the best results, without switching back and forth
  • shortcuts to most used functions: drag the main menu to the right to get shortcut buttons for artist, albums, radio and musicservices.
  • you can control the volume of every player directly from the player selection screen. No need to switch players anymore.

Home Automation Integration

You can start SonoPhone with the ‘sonophone://’ URL from other remote Apps. Its also possible to hand over a return URL, then a new icon is displayed to return to the automation App.
Further option include to select a default player or default menu.
[more link=”http://sonophone.de/home-automation-integration/” target=”_self” align=”left”]Read More …[/more]


  • all music services except Last.FM and Google Play music are supported
  • no playing of music stored on iPhone yet
  • no options to set alarms or sleep settings
  • no support for discontinued WD100 dock

Other stuff

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