The app that should come with Sonos

The Sonos Controller app is not always a pleasure to use. This app is. This app does 95 percent of what Sonos app does, 100 percent better.


So much better than the “official” app

I’ve played around with this app today and I’m sold. I can’t stand the interface on the official Sonos app, it makes me cry. But this app looks nice, feels nice and is just *so* much better.


This app doesn’t do anything the standard Sonos app doesn’t, and in fact it is missing a few (relatively insignificant) features, as noted in the description.

Where SonoPhone shines, though, is in its interface. It is modern, in the iOS 7 sense, and elegant from an ease of use point of view.

Sonos is a great system that, until now, was accessed via an inferior UI. No need to suffer through that anymore.

One star is missing for a few small issues that I’m confident will be fixed, and that in no way should prevent someone from buying.



So much better interface than the sonos app! Very usefull app, especially now that playlists are easilly accessable too.

Reinier tc